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Founded in 2015 in California, NeuroVasc Technologies brings over 100 years of combined expertise in neurovascular device design and development. We are committed to being the most efficient and innovative developer of neurovascular treatment devices in the world.

NeuroVasc is focused on developing a portfolio of novel catheter-based technologies to facilitate broad treatment options for patients suffering stroke and other neurovascular diseases.

Worldwide Distribution

Since its founding in 2015, NeuroVasc has been dedicated to developing innovative and breakthrough solutions for the treatment of neurovascular diseases.

We currently have clearance to serve patients in more than 35 countries, and our technologies are rapidly becoming accessible to more patients across the world.

Contact us for more information:

Contact us for more information:

Our products are not available in all countries or regions. Please contact your NeuroVasc Technologies representative for details regarding product availability.


Retriever for Mechanical Thrombectomy


Micro and Intermediate Catheters


Aspiration Catheter


Come work with us and give patients a second chance at a future of endless possibilities.